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Career paths for business students

A degree in business can open up many career opportunities. In fact, deciding which career path you want to pursue will be one of the most difficult decisions a student will face after graduation. Here are some things to consider before graduation: Consider a foreign location If you want to give your career a jump-start […]


Why you should think about eye care in your employees health plan

We all know that employee health care plans are important, as a healthy workforce creates a more productive workforce. The provision of healthcare insurance by employers increased significantly as a result of wage controls imposed by the federal government during World War II. However, wage control calculations did not include benefits such as healthcare insurance […]

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Is Your Business IT System At Risk?

IT is a continually evolving area of modern-day business. Systems change constantly, and it can be tough to keep on track of the latest developments. But, that can lead to serious problems. As difficult as it might be to ensure your IT systems are up-to-date and protected, it is an absolute necessity. Because, if you […]


Stop Making These Mistakes at Work

Everyone wants to get ahead at work, but you may be standing in your own way. Stop making these common mistakes. 1. Working too much. Sure, you want to prove how much you’re worth, but over-working actually makes you less efficient, not more productive. Quality employers will want their employees to have well-rounded lives that […]


The Difference Between The GPO Model And Consultancy Model

In every business, there is a necessity to acquire or obtain goods and services to keep business operations running smoothly. The process of procurement involves a lot of work from purchase planning to determining standards, specifications development to researching and selecting suppliers, value analysis to financing, negotiating prices and making the purchase, administering the supply […]


All Work and No Play

To survive in this world, people need money. However people wish to make money is up to them. Some invest their money in the stock market and make more. Some people work traditional nine-to-fives. Some people seek out to make sales online. There are many WAYS TO MAKE MONEY. A person should choose something that they love […]


Does Your Business Need More Accreditations?

If you’re looking to get your business recognized on a global level, making sure you have the right accreditations is essential. One of the main things that separates successful businesses from their lower league competitors is trust. Consumers need to know that they can trust a company before they part with their hard earned cash. […]